12 awe-inspiring YouTube channels with over 1 million views

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12 awe-inspiring YouTube channels with over 1 million views

Socialblade, reveals there are 3275 YouTube channels with more than a million subscribers out there for everyone to enjoy. And because we’re obsessed with all things YouTube, we thought we would also put our two cents in, and share with you the top 12 most amazing YouTube channels that managed to rake in more than 1 million views.




It was impossible to start off this list without mentioning the most successful and most well-known youtuber of all time. Pewdiepie, aka Felix, is the creator of the famous gaming channel, currently on top of the world for having received over 14 million views. Now that is some serious success, and nobody’s complaining, as this guy’s charisma is something the world can unquestionably not do without.




Most people say Jenna is a comedian. However, her authentic charm is something that stands out even more than her talent for jokes. She likes to keep it real and that’s what we appreciate most. It looks like more than 2 million other people agree and that is excellent.




Who doesn’t love a charismatic host who brings you hilarious YouTube videos? The videos Ryan posts are not extremely long videos that push the limits of YouTube content, However, they are very well thought out and executed. Like most youtubers, Nigahiga, Ryan by his real name, also maintains a close and deep relationship with his viewers. He always takes their requests into account and does videos that people want to see. A win-win for both sides. This is what it means to be truly devoted to your fans.




Science is awesome. This is probably something you wouldn’t have thought as a child. Nevertheless, it’s thanks to passionate content creators like Michael that people have started seeing things so differently now, with regard to education and teaching in general. Michael Stevens manages the Vsauce YouTube channel and so far, he’s brought in over 1 million views. That’s huge hope for future generations of scientists, doctors or just enthusiastic people looking to learn new science-related things.


Ryan ToysReview


Who didn’t love toys as a child? This channel makes it possible for over 10 million people to reminisce about their childhood every day. More than the actual products presented in the videos, the joy, and childlike innocence transmitted through his screen cannot be surpassed by any other channel out there, in the YouTube kids’ universe.




Defining this channel in just one word¬†just has to be “funny”. The talented creators at CollegeHumor love making skits and parody videos that have been enjoyed over 5 million times. That’s a lot of laughs and we’re not complaining one bit.




If you can laugh at yourself in real life, you can surely laugh at your favorite movies on the Internet. This is the concept behind CinemaSins. Super original and entertaining, this channel shows you things you can never unsee… related to famous movies, of course. Their quirky observations might even change the way you view your favorite films forever, but it’s all in good fun, so no harm done.




Always fresh, always on their toes, the good people at BuzzFeed constantly put out awesome content. You must have seen at least one of their videos. Catering to so many categories of people is what makes them stand out and what brings them a huge following from all walks of life. They have something to teach anyone, from tips and tricks for better workouts, to trying out unusual products or foods. Enjoy trying out their videos! We know we did.




Did someone say comedy? Enter Lilly Singh. This confident YouTube personality is rising high in the ranks of YouTube stars. Her fun, energetic spirit will completely turn around any adverse mood and brighten up your day. She’s energetic, she’s original and she’s hilarious. A must-see for any YouTube comedy fan.


Miranda Sings


The word ‘strange’ doesn’t even begin to portray Miranda Sings. If you’ve never heard of this character before, watching some of her videos is the only way to fully understand the awkward, the narcissistic and the downright bootylicious Miranda. You may even learn a thing or two about singing. Trust her, she’s a trained professional.




father and little girl playing on the beach at the sunset


If you think there’s no such thing as a perfect family, this fun, active household will make you reconsider. A fun dad, gorgeous mom, and their perfect kids are the members of the family and the protagonists of the show. Each of them is a fascinating unique individual with traits to bring viewers along on their fun day-to-day activities. It’s refreshing to see what they’re up to and learn values from the coolest family on YouTube.


Planet Dolan


Sharing is great. People love to share their experiences with others. Even the not-so-pleasant events. Even the strange and eerie ones. This is where Planet Dolan crew comes in. This channel brings us various lists of peculiar, somewhat surprising and definitely entertaining things, places, and events. The fun characters narrating everything through intelligent and amusing puns make the channel one viewers can visit over and over again, without getting bored in the slightest. This channel is just one more example of how YouTube transforms its users into everyday heroes.


There is still a huge number of channels to uncover in the ever-changing YouTube world. Music channels were not included here because they surely deserve a list of their own. And speaking of music, don’t forget to use the YTmp3 mp3 converter with your favorite tunes, to really take your YouTube viewing to the next level. Have fun and enjoy!