6 health benefits of listening to music

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benefits of listening to music

If you are working out, if you’re doing a task or if you’re just relaxing, listening to music is such an important and amazing habit that will help you be calm or stay focused. Both feelings are given by the type of music that you are listening and the type of ambient that you encounter. There are plenty of health benefits of listening to music.

When you are running at the gym, the only thing that helps you continue when you feel that you can’t do it anymore is music. If you are running out of power, music will help you boost your workout, but if you’re running out of battery power, then you will have to boost your workout helped by the music that the gym is providing. Sure, is more easy and comfortable to listen to your own music, but you have to find in your mind the power to be the best version of you even if you are not listening to “Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger”.


benefits of listening to music

Did you know that music can be a cure for diseases?

Music therapy has ancient roots. Pythagoras was the first pure mathematician and he was also the first known to use music prescriptively for people’s emotional and physical maladies. This practice has now been conjoined with neuroscience to help advance music based interventions for diseases and disorders of a wide variety.

I have always wondered when we began to respond to music? When the human body started to dance, when did the brain reacted to this kind and nice sound that we call “music”? The answer is: in the womb. It’s been scientifically proven that babies react to music in the last trimester of fetal life. Also, the baby reacts differently to a sound that is new versus to a sound that he heard before.

Newborns have the capacity to detect the beat in music. We all know that babies at about six months and older move to the sound of music. That is their first time when they can organize their bodies to demonstrate what their brain have already known. Isn’t that amazing?



1. Music helps people to accomplish great tasks and it will reduce stress

This a fact that we everyday see and is true. Music helps us organize, sustain and complete a task. Sometimes, without music we can’t concentrate, we can’t be the same and we can’t sustain effort across time. It’s that capacity to move to the beat, to train to the beat, a capacity that the human was born with. This capacity will never die, even if you have a movement disorder that you acquire like Parkinson’s disease or a stroke.



2. Music will reduce pain

During your workout, music helps you boost, be stronger and achieve the workout you’ve planner. In fact, music is distracting the brain and it will help you reduce the pain. If you are listening to your favorite band, it’s very likely that you don’t notice you just did another 10 push-ups. Either if we are talking about workouts or any other type of pain, music will reduce the intensity of that pain. Did you knew that there are so many benefits of listening to music?


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3. Music is helping stroke patients to walk and talk again

Many doctors and scientists were wondering why people that have suffered a stroke can’t talk or walk, have a problem with reading something, but they can sing. “They discovered that the brain is not static but plastic (that it can repair and remap itself following an injury) and that music can tap into the healthy right side of the brain to activate the damaged left portion. Building off those insights, therapists began using music to treat patients who’d suffered from stroke, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and brain damage. Today, new neuroimaging technology and electric recording methods like functional magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography are giving neurologists a previously unseen glimpse into the human brain as people listen to rhythms, corroborating what clinicians have been saying for decades about the restorative power of music.”, according to mashable.com. Music helps you if you want to know how to help a stroke victim. It’s incredible, right?



4. Music benefits babies and premature babies

Researches showed us that when parents sang to their babies, a lot of benefits occurred. The mothers that have problems with the sucking behavior of the baby observed an improvement. Also, the stress level of the parents has suffered changes. The conclusion is that music helps us, either if we are a newborn or a parent with a big family.



5. Music works as much as a massage

A massage is so relaxing and good for your body and for your mind, right? One study shows that music can work as well as a massage. Try to treat yourself with a massage and listen to your favorite music at the same time. You can’t be more relaxed! Take care of yourself and your health.




6. Before an intervention, music will chill you

Listening to music helps cardiovascular surgery patients to be more relaxed. Each year, in the United States of America are about 4 million operations for the people with heart problems so this is an amazing news and it helps a lot of people.


Music helps you, music makes you laugh and is also a cure for a lot of problems and a solution for many inconveniences. If you have no internet connection, you can use our awesome tool: Ytmp3 free online converting tool that will help you convert any YouTube video that you want. You will be able to listen to your favorite music anytime you want, from anywhere you are. Have fun!