Completely transform adverse moods with the help of music

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Completely transform adverse moods with the help of music

Nowadays it is more and more common to feel like we are mere victims of circumstances beyond our control. It might look like there’s nothing we can do about it, especially when it comes to our emotions, but it’s little things, like songs and music, that could prove to be invaluable tools for our wellbeing, provided we know how to use them accurately.


We can actually influence the way we feel and take back control of our own emotions. The following article will show you how to do just that.


A good start is half the battle won


Procrastination could become a serious problem when you have to do something, but for some reason, you keep finding other activities to keep you occupied, like watching YouTube videos.


Ironically, it is just these activities that can be turned around to benefit you, in your current state of mind.


Music can give you a great, invigorating boost and actually make you want to begin the dreaded task you’ve been putting off for so long. Whether it’s cleaning the house, reading a book for your upcoming exam, or even getting ready to go somewhere, a good song can give you a push in the right direction by energizing your mood.


Find it, convert it to mp3 and you’re ready to take on the world!


Tame depression with music


If you suffer from depression, you know how it can sometimes sneak up on you without warning. This might make you feel a little helpless sometimes. You will be happy to know that you can actually use music to counter this feeling.


The process of associating the way you feel with a melody will help you come up with the song you need to hear in order to lift your spirits. Once you do that, a different state of mind, more conducive to positive thinking, will follow.


Taking it one step at a time is important. You can’t expect sudden, radical results, but you can make yourself feel better by tricking your brain into doing what you want it to. Simply influence it with a stimulus like pleasant music.


Take stress with a grain of salt


Stress might be something we deal with on a daily basis, depending on the jobs we choose, the problems we are facing and even the state of mind that others impose upon us. Some studies have shown that stress, in moderate quantities is actually good for people. Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal supports this claim.


Let’s think of stress in an objective manner. If you keep in mind that everything that happens to a human being, emotionally and physically is a result of the body trying to maintain some sort of balance, you will start to think of stress as a state that completely focuses your attention on something of utter importance. By doing this, your mind is trying to protect you.


You can harness the power of the rebellious nature of stress.


Say for example you have a lot of work to do at the office and you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paperwork you have to get done. Stress keeps your energy levels high and makes you channel all your available energy into your top priority so that you can actually finish your task on time.


A notable quote by a popular ’90s girl band states: “too much of something is bad enough, (…) but too much of nothing is just as tough.” (yes, I did just quote the Spice Girls, but hear me out!)


When you don’t have much to do, you enter a state of relaxation and apathy that tells you it’s OK not to get anything done. Staying productive, even on a slow day is dependent on how well you are able to control your stress levels. Listen to music that makes you jumpy and a bit stressed can be the key to channeling a little extra productivity into your day.


Feeling overwhelmed? Try converting music from YouTube


I mentioned before how experiencing too much of something can make us feel overwhelmed. Using music to calm down has been a tried and tested technique for centuries, giving rise to some of the most famous sayings we know to date. They say “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast” (that’s the correct quote, look it up, it’s not “beast” and it’s not Shakespeare either).


The next time you are feeling like you can’t cope with a situation, take a step back, pop your earphones in, and play a tune or two of the songs you’ve previously converted from YouTube to add to your phone playlist. You might find it will make you feel more relaxed. This will disconnect you from whatever is going on, so afterward, you will come back to tackle the problem from a different perspective.


Music – an everyday mood changing tool you have to try


An amazing habit for everyone, music has a multitude of faces and ways of influencing our daily lives. We simply have to recognize what those methods are and use them to our advantage. So take a breather and enjoy some great tunes right now. Your mind will thank you.