Convert long videos to push the limits of YouTube content

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Convert long videos to test the limits of YouTube content

There was a time when you couldn’t stream long videos on YouTube. In 2011, everything changed. The past and the now became two different eras in terms of YouTube’s history. The popular online platform changed the allowable length of uploaded videos. In consequence, now, anyone can show off their sense of humor or their practical side, by considering the length of their videos as well. From 24 hours of Nyan Cat to Darth Vader’s continuous breath for 10 hours, all sorts of funny ideas find their way to YouTube for everyone to enjoy.


If you share the same sense of humor and are looking to learn how to convert long videos to mp3, this is now easier than ever to accomplish, so that you can enjoy any kind of audio file instantly.


Types of extended videos found on YouTube


Because YouTube is ever-changing and always improving, streaming long videos on YouTube is a sure-fire way to thoroughly enjoy the large collection of styles and topics YouTube has to offer.


You can always improve your mood by listening to something funny, or maybe you’re just looking to improve your sleep with the help of music. Either way, converting long videos from YouTube to mp3 format may benefit your life in ways you didn’t think possible.


Explore the diversity of music


YouTube has a large variety of music videos, posted in various forms. You can find playlists, individual tracks, or even full-length musical albums uploaded in the form of one long file.


You can, of course, use YTmp3 to get that hour and a half long album and listen to it without interruptions, whenever you feel like it.


Nature sounds are soothing


If the stress of the day has got you down, why not try out a relaxation technique that involves the sounds of nature? Sit in your preferred, most relaxing position, lying down or sitting on a chair, and play the soothing sounds of nature. The variety you can choose from is huge, from the sound of rain, birds or streams to howling winds and even crackling fire noises.


While some people are making money by uploading videos to YouTube, others are having the time of their lives converting long videos to mp3. You could be one of them. Use YTmp3 to convert long videos to audio, utilize these excellent, virtually unlimited materials throughout your day and notice the beneficial changes.


Use sounds for meditation

sound meditation


Meditation techniques can take a long time. While you are doing your routine, you don’t want to be disturbed. This is why converting the hour-long video can help. Listen to the soothing track for as long as you need. Don’t worry about the connection speed or your bandwidth running out. The audio file is safely on your device, so nothing will stand between you and achieving nirvana.


Funny sounds will improve your mood


Funny videos that last for hours are all the rage when it comes to long YouTube videos. Lengthy types of YouTube content might include music compilations, nature sounds, various noises that could potentially have calming or stimulating effects on your mind. Either way, the funny ones will definitely put you in a better mood.


YTmp3 can convert long videos practically and intuitively. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed. You can transform lengthy videos into the mp3 format by pasting the URL into the YTmp3 search box and hitting the Convert button, just like any other video conversion done with this fast free tool.


How to verify your YouTube account and start posting long videos


Visit the upload page at and choose the option to Increase your limit, found at the bottom of the page.


Alternatively, you can also access


All you have to do next is to opt for a verification code via text message or an automated voice call, in order to verify your account. Once you’ve done that, you are free to post videos longer than 15 minutes. Just keep in mind that the size limit is 128 GB for your uploaded files.


Enjoy being creative with converting your long videos into mp3


Wherever you are, you can forget the need for an internet connection and simply enjoy your audio files directly from your device. YTmp3 is your best ally to help you convert all the YouTube content you want into mp3 format.


Therefore, if you are looking to convert long videos in the perfect format for a great listening experience, YTmp3 is the right choice for you.


YTmp3 can convert these long files for you. You can use the tool intuitively. Simply paste the URL in the conversion box on the YTmp3 homepage and you will receive your long converted file with no effort on your part. Enjoy this simple but multipurpose process and all the benefits it has to offer to your everyday life!