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It’s not a secret that YouTube brings people together in the most helpful ways imaginable. If you’ve ever checked out this excellent platform, you have probably noticed that virtually any topic, controversial or not, has been in some way approached and debated on YouTube, be it in the comment section of via response videos. People love getting involved, and more and more educators are starting to implement YouTube as a platform for educational purposes with great success.

How YouTube Can Change the Face of Learning

When speaking of culture and education, ever since it was invented, the internet has provided great resources for people to expand their knowledge. Instant information has made people evolve much faster, which is the very reason why we are seeing such rapid advancements in all fields today, from technology to commerce.


But such a versatile platform as YouTube can take things even further than that. Through materials posted by people who really care about particular subjects, those interested can enrich their own knowledge from those sources they resonate with, thus making the process of learning a lot more meaningful and long lasting.

A Few Suggestions On What to Look For

YouTube is not the same everywhere, it’s not even available in every country. And depending on the location you are using YouTube from, there are many examples of ways in which you could use it to gain the knowledge you seek.


From advanced mathematical algorithms, grammar, self help and captivating life-changing stories, to learning new languages or solidifying your knowledge of English grammar, you can bet there is a YouTube video out there to learn from. So let’s look at some great examples, in case you don’t know where to start.


An amazing YouTube lecture by Neil Turok, called The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything, could be inspirational for anyone, regardless of the field of study one is interested in, but it mainly focuses on physics and mathematical study. His conclusions should be heard by anyone looking to find out how the universe can be influenced by even the simplest of things.


His speech also includes a truly thought-provoking phrase relating to math but that can also be applied to the overall experience of being alive: “If you allow yourself imaginary things no wonder you can do anything.”


Ted Talks have been making headway and gaining great popularity in the online community for quite some time now, and they are the perfect materials for learning about valuable issues from some amazingly eloquent and charming people like Maysoon Zayid who raises awareness on cerebral palsy in a fascinating and equally funny manner, or Celeste Headlee, who teaches you how to have a better conversation in her own witty way full of charm. These and many more interesting guest speakers have put their teaching out there for anyone concerned with such matters to learn from and become inspired.


Downloading files from YouTube to mp3 is one great idea to enhance your user experience, but you can ultimately come up with a multitude of individualized strategies to benefit your own way of learning and retaining information.

Versatility at its Finest

You don’t even need to stick to one field of study. This is one of the amazing advantages of today’s nimble society. You have all the freedom in the world to start learning about any subject in the world and you can bet someone has thought of posting about it on YouTube.


Any discipline you’re studying, you can find lots of amazing public speakers who have included their lectures on YouTube in video form, but you don’t need to see them speaking to fully grasp the importance and meaning of their words. Actually, it might even be more distracting to do so. Instead, you can simply download the file as a mp3, after converting it online using YTmp3 and calmly play it whenever you choose.


Make a schedule specifically for doing this task, or use a different time on your schedule, like the hour it takes you to get to work in the morning, or when you have to be on a plane for a few hours. You can get much more out of time than you think, the only thing is to have a plan that works in mind.

Use the Best YouTube mp3 Converter Online

What is a YouTube converter, you ask? Only the most awesome online device at your disposal that you can use to get the instant results you’re looking for each time. YTmp3 is such a tool. With it, you can convert your files from YouTube and immediately download them onto your device so that you can enjoy them endlessly, as many times you want, and most importantly, without the stress of a failing internet connection.

Convert the YouTube Video, Listen Once, and Repeat

It’s quite simple to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files with YTmp3 and after you’re done downloading the ones you think hold the most potential to help you meet your goals, all you have to so is listen to them on your device. The beauty of this method stands in the fact that, once you’ve heard the lecture you’re interested in once, you should replay it as many times as needed for you to truly grasp the important details that make this particular piece of information interesting and useful for you and your education goals.


The top reason to use YTmp3 might just vary from person to person, depending on individual preference, however, one thing is definitely for sure: a great education doesn’t have to be obtained in a classroom. And with no more worries when it comes to the internet, the sky’s the limit. You are free to actually enjoy choosing what to learn and how to study it in your own individual style, according to your preferences and time schedule. So have fun becoming smarter and enjoy enhancing your knowledge!