How to make money with YouTube videos

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There’s a ton of awesome stuff you can do with YouTube videos. From converting them with YTmp3, to simply watching them for pleasure. But, if you are passionate about posting quality content on YouTube, you should know that there are ways to get rewarded with more than just views.


What follows are some helpful tips on how to set up your YouTube channel to earn money and enjoy the benefits of a monetized account.


Maintain sensible prospects


It’s very easy to set unrealistic expectations, so it’s a good idea to be a little careful not to go overboard. Plan reasonable goals and be constantly aware of all the unambiguous ways to reach them. Like the video to mp3 converting process, your anticipations should be specific. Know exactly what you’re aiming for and use the most efficient means at your disposal to make it happen.


The main thing to keep in mind is the fact that maintaining a balance is extremely important, not just for this particular goal, but also to live a better life.


Double check the rules to keep on YouTube’s good side


YouTube monetization is only obtainable in countries where YouTube has launched a monetized site, so it’s best to check the support page first to see if your country is among those available.


In case you are using copyrighted materials, you should always have the required permission or provide proper attribution or credits as needed by law.


Remember that if your video is not eligible for monetization, it may be removed from YouTube due to the fact that it isn’t following YouTube guidelines. But, don’t worry, you should be fine, as long as you are properly abiding by the copyright and community rules.


How ads work on YouTube channels


YouTube is definitely not easy money. It is not fast money either. You have to always upload constant, high-quality content and never skip out on this because, just like the habit of working out, it is the only sustainable way of achieving long term results.


The number of viewer clicks is important, however, it doesn’t determine the money you will end up with. Having a large number of views makes more people interact with the ads on your videos, which is what earns you the money.


You should take the time needed to fully understand the various ad formats you can implement and the video monetization criteria. Doing your homework will definitely pay off when deciding how to monetize your channel.


The various ad types you can select for your videos after you enable video monetization are:


– Display ads
– Overlay ads
– Skippable video ads
– Non-skippable in-stream ads
– Bumper ads
– Sponsored cards


The only thing needed to pay is attention


Another important matter to keep in mind is that, in order to be eligible to create paid content, you must first meet the following conditions:


– Qualify for the YouTube partner program
– Verify your account by phone
– Link your YouTube account to an approved AdSense account
– Your channel has at least 1000 active subscribers
– You are in one of the eligible countries


Setting up your YouTube channel to earn money

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The essential thing to do, after you read up and become familiar with the terms, is to enable your YouTube channel for monetization. To do so, you will have to complete the following steps:


– Sign in to your YouTube account
– Open your profile page
– Go to Video Manager
– Select Channel Settings
– Open the Monetization page
– Click Enable my Account
– Check the Agree with Terms and Conditions boxes
– Select I Accept to enable monetization


After completing all the aforementioned steps, YouTube will have to make sure everything meets the monetization conditions and it may take up to 48 hours to approve.


Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to connect your channel to an AdSense account. You have the option of either creating a new AdSense account or associate your YouTube channel with an existing one.


After you link your AdSense account with your YouTube account, it could take up to 24 hours for it to be registered into the system, so be patient.


The last thing to do is to pick the option Monetize with ads and the ad format you prefer. This is where all that research you did at the beginning really pays off.


After your video has been approved for monetization, YouTube will place ads near or in your videos. After you’ve associated an AdSense account with your YouTube account, you will earn the funds produced by the ads.


YouTube is full of types of content that people find useful. Yours could be one of them, as long as you bring your viewers what they want to see.


Quality content never gets old


The final and most important detail of all is to make cool videos that your fans will love and want to watch. This is also what will keep your channel alive and your ads reeling in the cash.


Now you know how to make some money from your entertaining YouTube content. Enjoy getting your just rewards!