Misunderstood lyrics – the comedy of errors

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Misunderstood lyrics - the comedy of errors

For the longest time, music has been widely used to ease various forms of education. Culturally speaking, music has also proved it can influence our brain’s evolutionary process, our cognitive development, and even our emotions. Music comes in so many forms and can be understood from many different viewpoints. Many have noticed the positive effects of music that can completely turn around adverse moods. Nonetheless, one of the more unusual ways our brain sometimes handles music is by revamping its lyrics into completely new ones. This might give rise to some funny comedy moments you don’t want to miss.


The science behind misinterpreted lyrics


Brain related subjects are always exciting to uncover and discuss, as the mind holds some amazing untapped potential. Even scientists are baffled by some of the things that happen due to the way our brains work.


A mondegreen usually happens when a person is listening to a song. It’s been around for ages. Ever since people started listening to audio tapes,¬†even after they started converting music, they could either make out the words or hear something completely random, that nevertheless made sense. This is what a mondegreen is. During the course of music history, misunderstood lyrics have made such a powerful mark on music fans out there, that for some, the original lyrics have forever been replaced my the alternative version.


Music-related confusions


There are a large number of disorders out there, all related to various aspects of music. Music agnosia, for example, happens when someone fails to recognize notes, rhythm, pitch, and chords. More severe symptoms include the inability to reproduce musical phrases or to recognize familiar songs.


Although not as severe as music agnosia, there is another, more common brain hiccup that occurs to most of us called mondegreen.

Lady Mondegreen

Sylvia Wright invented the term mondegreen, inspired by a girl who misinterpreted the lyrics of a ballad to say “Lady Mondegreen” instead of “laid him on the green“.


In order to completely understand the power of music, many questions have been asked and countless tests and experiments conducted. Many scientists have stated that listening to music is an amazing habit for many health related aspects, but the reason why we tend to mishear lyrics is still a mystery.


Adapting to trouble and making it fun


The beauty of the adaptability of human nature has made it possible to have a laugh while also exploring the interesting meanings that lay hidden in our own brains. Misheard lyrics in YouTube songs quickly turned into entertaining clips. Videos featuring a collection of such lyrics started to pop up everywhere and receive massive amounts of views.


From decorating your Christmas with music, to boosting your mood when having a bad day, music is always there to help. For the sake of humor, so many misinterpreted song lyrics have been exaggerated and transformed into their own kind of comedy on YouTube. The Weirdest Misheard Lyrics of 2016 is a video with over 4,800,000 views. It stands as a great example for pointing out the fact that you can create comedy out of anything, as long as you have a creative mind.


YouTube to the rescue


Imagine listening to some new songs while trying to boost your workout with great music. Suddenly you hear something that doesn’t quite make sense. Maybe you hear some sort of Starbucks reference in a famous Taylor Swift song, or you hear Jimi Hendrix longing to ‘kiss this guy’ instead of ‘the sky.’


Thanks to platforms like YouTube making it possible to post the words of songs on the screen, it is much simpler nowadays to realize what horrible mistakes we have been making over time. Here’s looking at all those ‘Starbucks lovers’ out there. Nonetheless, it’s more fun this way. Knowing you’re singing the misinterpreted lyrics can actually be more entertaining than the words intended to reach you in the first place.


Here, at YouTube mp3, we are also constantly on the lookout for new and innovative things to enhance user experience. Open mindedness is imperative when trying to make that happen. So think outside the box and let the weirdest lyrics amuse you the next time you decide to listen to your favorite converted feel-good song. Enjoy!