How to Start a YouTube Channel That Matters

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YouTube is an incredible database. It brings people together, inspires new ideas, and brings forth amazing creative potential, the results of which anyone can enjoy. This is mainly thanks to all the options it offers for users. You can also take advantage of YouTube’s multifaceted nature and make your own original channel in a fast and easy way.


If you are a little confused about how to approach this sort of project, keep reading the following list of handy tips to consider when creating a YouTube channel for the first time.


Discover what you want to do


Vlogging has become such a lucrative activity lately thanks to a multitude of reasons: it’s fun, it’s effortless and everyone can do it. However, this is only one of the numerous YouTube channel types.


A great way of finding out what you like is to experiment with various subjects. Don’t stick to only one idea, explore outside of your comfort zone and maybe you will be surprised by a new and original idea.


Get to know your platform


Read books, look at inspiring pictures, listen to music, and of course, analyze your competition. By staying observant and analyzing successful channels, you will definitely see small details that could bring a little something extra to your ideas.


Find a unique name for your channel


Think of this name like your individual brand. This is the way people will start referring to you after becoming hooked on your videos, so it should be something you like and also something easy to remember.


Essential elements of a good username:


– It should be attention-grabbing. However, by over-thinking, you might end up with something bland.


– Maintain a good length. Your username should be short enough to be memorable but long enough to be interesting for viewers.


– It would be ideal for it to be original, but when in doubt, keep it simple.


– Make your username relate to the videos you are planning on posting. Anyone who clicks on Christmas music is expecting some Yuletide tunes, not a beauty haul. Try to stay relevant.


– Make it good and test it out before you make a commitment. Ask your friends or someone you feel might have valuable insight to help with your decision, but most importantly, it should be something you are comfortable with.


Be careful (but don’t stress about) what equipment you are using

cameraman with his video camera shooting outdoor in the city on roofs

Start with the basics, but don’t stick with them. As your craft evolves, invest into some better machinery to enhance the quality you are putting out there. Quality is never something you should overlook.


Nevertheless, as you are starting out, provided your content is good, it won’t matter so much that you are filming on a lower-quality device. Stay grounded and appreciate the level you have reached. You can’t be born walking. Be patient and take it one step at a time.


Always focus on providing good quality content

Your videos should have certain characteristics in order to be as successful as possible.


– They should be consistent so that you built trust with your viewers.


– They should be memorable. Nobody likes to waste their time watching something they won’t even remember 5 minutes later.


– They should be easy to find. In a sea of YouTube videos, yours is about something specific that people are interested in. Make sure those who are interested in what you have to say find your videos.


– They should be original. You can always bring something new to the table because the world is constantly changing. There will always be some new angle or approach, so think about that a little before you post and give people something they’ve never seen before, even if it is based on something as old as time. It’s the reason love stories are still popular, and probably will forever continue to be.


Making money with YouTube


There are a few ways to make money on YouTube: ads, sponsorship, and merch.


Many successful YouTubers are using these methods to make a living by working with YouTube. Keep in mind that people’s desire to pay you is closely related to how entertaining or interesting your content is, so do your best.


Put yourself out there


According to Malcolm Gladwell, a renown journalist for The New Yorker, author, and speaker, “The way to make people happy is to give them something to aspire to.” This goes for any type of service or business. When the service is optimized for the people it’s intended for, it will bring great results to both users and providers.


You should now have at least the basic knowledge necessary for you to at least start a YouTube channel. It’s up to you now to keep it going and find new, creative ways of engaging your audience. Good luck!