YouTube Go – Testing in India, Launching Next Year

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Youtube Go Launching in India in 2017

Like most of us avid internet users, you’ve probably had a unique experience with YouTube during your lifetime. From all sorts of tutorials on fashion, art, countless vlog themes and even original shows posted online for the world to see.

Requirements for watching YouTube

YouTube is banned in a few specific countries, but for the most part, people living in the rest of the world’s nations can enjoy using YouTube to watch online videos, provided they have a good internet connection. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t the case. Some users might experience freezes or interruptions due to a slow or faulty internet connection due to the location they are trying to use the service from. This is unfortunate when looking at the fact that there is such a wide display of videos on any topic imaginable for anyone to watch and learn from.


And because the world is such an ample place, full of diversity, it is only natural that various countries’ inhabitants are interested in contrasting things, according not only to their individual preferences¬†but also to their common culture and nation-wide customs. For example in India, it comes as no surprise that Bollywood hits rank high on the most preferred popular videos watched on YouTube. But according to the official YouTube blog posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, not everyone gets to fully enjoy the fun-filled videos YouTube has to offer for its Indian viewers.

YouTube in Asia

in the blog, a young man who enjoyed nothing more that watching wrestling videos didn’t get a chance to make his favorite clip load to show his friends, as the internet was not functioning properly in the city of Nagpur. Even though this is the third greatest city in the state of Maharashtra and the biggest city located in central India, awful buffering seems to be a wide-spread problem for YouTube fans in the area. It even extends further than that, all across the country people seem to be experiencing the same problem. This was the reason behind the development of several concepts of features that might tackle the issue.


Due to the constant difficulties experienced by Asia in the past, when it comes to high-speed data transfer, YouTube has released such features as YouTube Offline, to benefit countries such as Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. It even came with an added Smart Offline choice, an overnight video-saving tool that enabled users to not only avoid the dreaded sluggish internet problem but to also save some money by using the mobile operator’s discounted late-night plan to retrieve a video.


And the great ideas keep on coming, YouTube has always had talented, forward-thinking individuals, working to fix any sort of problems that might arise, and it is for this reason that they have now come up with yet another creation targeting the next generation of users, called YouTube Go.

YouTube Go

YouTube Go is an app that was inspired by the way the internet runs in India but was launched worldwide. The features of this state-of-the-art app include video previews on the home screen so that you can see what a video is about even before watching it; selective resolution for saving or streaming videos; the option to share videos with your nearby friends, without the use of data, and more.

YTmp3, video to mp3 converter, an unexpected solution

If you have the same problem in your area, using a YouTube mp3 converter could be one way of circumventing this problem. Once you have the desired video’s URL, you could paste it into YTmp3’s search box and convert it from YouTube to mp3. It won’t take more than a few seconds and you will be left with the option of downloading the audio file immediately after the conversion. This way, you will be able to listen to it even without an internet connection and enjoy the song, tutorial, audio book or any other converted audio file of your choosing, whenever you want.


As an alternative to what YouTube has to offer, this way of avoiding the problem has already been around for some time now and many people are discovering the many useful ways it can be utilized. Be one of them and try it out too. Who knows, you might have just found the perfect way of enjoying music to the fullest.