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The Internet’s most popular YouTube mp3 converter,, has been battling it out with Google for a while now. The whole thing has started back in 2012 and it looks like the war won’t be over anytime soon. Meanwhile, all we can do is sit back and analyze the underlying reasons of this conflict. And since a great YouTube mp3 converter will always be appreciated, we bet this is not the last time we’ll be hearing of conflicts like these for any free tool which helps users download YouTube to mp3.

The definition of online mp3 ripping

YouTube is so cool because it offers anyone with basic computer skills a free online space where they can watch, upload, share, and comment videos. As you can imagine, this represents a huge potential for creating basically any video you can think of. Starting with music videos, tutorials and workout routines, to vlogs, DIYs, pranks, and so much more, there’s really no limit to the types of video content this huge platform has to offer. So what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you discover a really cool online video? Like most video junkies, you probably want to download YouTube to mp3 and save that file for later. This is where a YouTube mp3 converter comes in handy, especially if it’s user-friendly, like

Free online YouTube to mp3 alternative –

Since the most popular YouTube mp3 converter is in deep trouble with Google, which has decided to permanently penalise, we’ve thought of offering you a safe YouTube to mp3 alternative. Ytmp3 is a new free converting tool which lets you download YouTube to mp3 and save high-quality files anytime you want.
Moreover, Ytmp3’s will surely make an impression with its smart, intuitive menu that minimises the time you spend converting and downloading.

Ytmp3 Youtube mp3 converter

Use in just 5 steps:

1. Open a cool YouTube video
2. Copy the link from the address bar
3. Open the, YouTube mp3 converter
4. Paste the copied link into the search box
5. Download the YouTube to a mp3 file
Use, a YouTube to mp3 alternative
As you’ve probably noticed, there are many online converting tools out there, and the converting process is indeed intuitive. This is the very reason why anyone interested in online content has been using a YouTube mp3 converter, like The technology used to create and operate this YouTube to mp3 alternative converting tool was optimized to achieve the best results, in no time, and with no effort. Additionally, offers some great extra features. does the whole converting job in seconds and optimizes the process by eliminating the need to repeatedly convert videos, since it features the latest converted ones. But, keep in mind that these smart features of YouTube mp3 converters are exactly what Google wants to eliminate in the near future. So, it was only natural that Google would target the most popular YouTube mp3 converter out there that allows users to download YouTube to mp3.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The DMCA is a United States law, put in place to ensure the protection of copyrighted works. Any copyright holder can request blocking or removing materials that infringe their rights by filing a DMCA notice.
This law is also very easy to abuse, which is actually what lots of people have been doing, including the site in question,, also known as the best free online YouTube mp3 converter.

Copyrighted vs. non-copyrighted videos on YouTube

YouTube is protected by the DMCA, which makes it safe for anyone to watch videos for free on this platform. Files that do not abide by the terms and conditions will be removed from the website after receiving notice.
Royalty free videos are available on YouTube, which means they can be downloaded and used by anyone, in any way, legally. That’s precisely what the creators of,, and any other YouTube mp3 converter had in mind when they had decided to provide this free service. But there are also those videos that are not copyright-free, which represent a tricky issue for users.

The case of and other YouTube mp3 converters

In the past, there have been quite a few legal disputes in the music industry wagered against this YouTube mp3 converter website, but the results have never been reason enough to close down or any other video to mp3 converter, for that matter. This brings hope to all tech enthusiasts out there using free tools like, or any other YouTube to mp3 alternative.
Deliberately encouraging piracy through the services provided on the website, and thus being in direct violation of the YouTube Terms of Service is the main reason for which the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is going after sites like, which lets you download YouTube to mp3. However, Philip Matesanz, owner and administrator of, manages to protect himself and the rights of his users. And since he was successful so far, the future looks bright for everyone wanting to download YouTube to mp3 for free.

The opinion of

Philip Matesanz, the legal owner of believes that Google will never truly be able to stop such a powerful and universally appreciated service from making people’s lives easier. And as long as users request it, technology will find a way to make it possible.
The popularity of this tool can only be matched by that of YouTube itself, and there’s no way free online converters will ever become a thing of the past! People will always want faster access to free content and, thanks to the adaptable nature of humankind, they will somehow find a way to get what they want.

Google vs over the years is a free converting service owned by Philip Matesanz, a 25-year-old computer science graduate and the legal owner of PMD Technologie UG. In 2012 Google and YouTube threatened to sue the website for offering this online service and wanted to shut down the most popular YouTube to mp3 converter. They claimed that was directly violating YouTube’s Terms of Service, that bans capturing a video stream. Apparently, this goes around YouTube’s code regarding the conversion of mp3 files and is against their rules. screenshot
The owner of has tried to contact Google in an attempt to find an amicable solution to this problem but was ignored by the huge corporation. At the time, Matesanz has declared that it’s “Technically not possible for Google to stop its users from creating a recording of a YouTube video as long as the user has access to the video. The whole service itself is that simple that every Windows PC comes with the tools to do it: An audio recorder.”
Google has excluded the site from its ad network and intended to remove the converter from its search engine. This could have been the end of this site. Surprisingly, no lawsuit was filed, and 4 years later still appeared in the top Google search results. Actually, the service was up and running until November 2016, and we’ll have to see what will happen next…

Converting copyrighted videos is illegal in Germany, US & many states

The German copyright owners have sued over downloading copyrighted videos and converting mp3s, and the website lost the case. Despite this setback, has continued working and only had to make some changes according to the German judge., the YouTube converter in question has managed to maintain its position as one of the greatest worldwide.
Actually, there haven’t been any lawsuits yet regarding the conversion of copyrighted videos yet. But it’s not surprising at all that the music industry wants to bury and any other YouTube mp3 converter since they clearly represent a piracy threat.

Has been definitively blocked by YouTube?

The short answer to this question is NO. At the moment hasn’t been declared guilty of anything, but its legal situation will be determined by a federal judge. The site doesn’t currently appear in Google’s search results, but you can still find it online.
Please keep in mind the fact that deliberations on this legal matter are being made as we write this article, so check for updates.

Why free stream music is legal on YouTube

First of all, this happens because Copyright owners have allowed it. Second of all, you should know that YouTube is protected by a US law called the DMCA. The DMCA states that the website is obligated to remove the videos that have been unauthorised, but currently just the copyright owner has issued a warning.
The law states that YouTube can’t be sued without a previous warning and provided the opportunity to respond accordingly. Unfortunately, websites like and any other YouTube mp3 converter will have to suffer the consequences of this law. The music industry isn’t in favor of this law, but both YouTube and Google have invested large amounts to keep it as it is.
The bottom line is that lots of people are beginning to sue each another over the control of the copyright. It’s obvious that Google wants to own and control the situation, so stay tuned to see exactly what goes on, not only with but also with any other YouTube mp3 converter that helps you download YouTube to mp3.

So what happened to in the end?

If you search Google for YouTube mp3, you’ll notice that no longer appears on the results page. However, continues to function and seems to be working just fine… for the moment.