YTmp3 Frequently Asked Questions


How does video to audio conversion work? How can I use it?


 In order for a video file to be converted into a mp3, it has to undergo a re-coding process. It is similar to how a compression software works. But YTmp3 has made this process extremely simple and easy for you. It's as simple as copying and pasting the link of the desired video into the conversion box and voila! Instantly, your audio file is ready to download. Fast and easy.


Does this YouTube mp3 converter accept conversion for multiple files at the same time?


 We are presently working on bringing you the fullest experience possible, but that takes a bit of time and some patience, so the answer is it will soon be possible to convert multiple YouTube videos to mp3 in the very near future.


How long does it take to convert a video?


 The process will vary depending on the size of the video. For extremely large files, it might take a few seconds longer than for shorter videos, however, because YTmp3 is a state of the art tool, periodically updated with the latest technology, it will provide considerably fast results. A few seconds is usually the time-span it takes for the average YouTube video to be converted.


Can I continue downloading if it has interrupted by chance?


 In this case, you could try to redo the procedure again. In most cases just restarting the download process will work to fix the problem, however, if it still doesn't work, try pasting the URL into the conversion box again.


I don't know where is the URL I'm supposed to paste into YTmp3. Where can I find it?


 When you access and play a video, the URL will be displayed in the address bar of your browser. Usually on the top of the screen. If you can't see this bar, try enabling it from your browser's settings.


Can I convert copyrighted videos?


 It is possible to convert and download copyrighted YouTube videos to mp3 online, unless a restriction has been directly applied to them by YouTube due to the failure of complying with its terms of service, in rare instances. In order to be 100% fair, you need to ask permission from the respective file owner to download their content. We are not responsible or liable, directly nor indirectly, for damages that can come as a result of using our service to convert or download any sort of videos posted on YouTube.


Why can't I hear the sound of the mp3 I've downloaded?


 Sometimes, if soundtracks are copyrighted, YouTube might mute their audio. Alternatively, there might be a problem with the source file of the video. The surest bet is to look for another variant of the same video and try converting that one.


Can I use YTmp3 on my Mac or my mobile device?


 What makes YTmp3 great is that our developers think up and go all out on the first-class features they want to include. They have been doing a great job so far. It's just that they need more time for this one. Don't worry, it will be possible in the very near future.


Is it free to convert YouTube video to mp3 online using YTmp3?


 Yes. YTmp3 is proud to be a completely free online tool for converting YouTube videos to mp3 online in a fast, simple and smooth manner. We will never ask you for money, so enjoy the service for as long as you want.


Is there a limit to the number of files I can convert?


 No. The numbers of files you are allowed to convert with YTmp3 is not restricted. Since this is a free service, designed with the purpose of providing quality and utility above all else, you can rest assured that you will always have the option of converting and downloading as many videos as your heart desires.


Is it free to download music from YouTube with YTmp3?


 Yes. Aside from converting files, you can also save them to your device for easy access at a later time. YTmp3 is a free online video to mp3 converter that you can use with no effort whatsoever. You will have your mp3 pretty much instantly so as to maximize the use of your precious time.


Does YTmp3 work with videos from other online video streaming websites?


 For the time being, YTmp3 can only convert YouTube videos to their audio versions. However, it won't be long until YTmp3 will start adding other online video platforms to the list.


What are the browser settings that work best with YTmp3?


 There is no need to make any modifications to your browser settings in order to get the best video to mp3 converting experience. YTmp3 is quite adaptable and will work well with any browser you prefer, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other of your choosing.


Can I convert videos on my tablet or smartphone?


 YTmp3 is meant to become a highly compatible service with any device of your choosing and can be used to download mp3 files to your phone or tablet.


Why is YTmp3 better than other YouTube mp3 converter websites?


 YTmp3 is not only better than other YouTube mp3 converters online, its goal is to be the absolute best. We are focused on quality above all else because this includes anything you might be able to think of, in terms of practicality, speed, and performance. We like to stay on top of things, fix every issue that comes up and also constantly improve what we offer to our users.


What do I do if I get an error while trying to download or convert my video?


 Usually, any error that interrupts the download or conversion procedures will instantly be fixed by either pressing the Convert button again or if the problem persists, simply refresh the page and try copying and pasting the video's URL one more time before downloading the converted mp3.