How to Bookmark YTmp3?

 So you've been using YTmp3 for a while now and you've noticed all its amazing features. You had a chance to enjoy all the best quality results and convert YouTube videos to mp3 online effortlessly so as to create your favorite playlists and take them with you anywhere you go. Whether it's the gym, the park or on a plane trip, YTmp3 made sure you had your favorite songs, audio books or stand-up comedy shows on your device, every time you needed a distraction or a little rest & relaxation.


 When you find a great YouTube mp3 converter that doesn't only bring you instant results, but also offers a wide array of features that you will want to use over and over again, you surely want to access it more and more often. It is for this reason that, no matter what browser you are using, YTmp3 has got you covered. Let's explore all the ways to bookmark this convenient website on whatever browser you might be a fan of.


Popular Browsers


 There are many things that make browsers popular. You could choose a browser due to its features or maybe you simply find its design exceptionally appealing. No matter the element you prefer to base your choice on, you will undoubtedly always have a great variety of browsers to pick from. In the following article, we will be focusing on the most crowd-pleasing internet browsers in use at the moment.




 Being one of the most used browsers in the world, it is only obvious that Chrome would have a simple, easy-to-use process for just about anything including bookmarking. Say you're visiting YTmp3 to convert music from YouTube to mp3 on a daily basis and you're tired of the repetitive process of always typing the address in the address bar. To avoid doing this in the future, just press the Star icon on the far right of the address bar. That's it. Now can be found either on your Bookmarks bar or in the Other bookmarks folder. Now, converting YouTube videos to mp3 online is just a simple click away.


 Alternatively, you could use a keyboard shortcut to make the bookmarking process even faster. Just hit Ctrl + D for creating an instant bookmark.




 Because there's always a competition between Chrome and Firefox, similarities between the two were bound to pop up. The bookmarking system is one of them. Firefox also has a Star icon (this time to the right of the search box) to press in order to bookmark a webpage. Pressing the Star again will let you edit the bookmark's name and location folder.


And just like Chrome, Ctrl + D is the shortcut for adding a bookmark to your favorites.


Internet Explorer


 When you're on with Internet Explorer 10 or 11 and you'd like to add it to your favorites, all you have to do is click the Star for a list of your favorites to appear in the sidebar. The next step is to simply select Add to Favorites and finally press the Add button to complete the operation.




 YTmp3 is extremely versatile and adaptable. This means it can be used with any operating system from Windows to mobile ones like Android. In case you prefer using Android for all your video to mp3 converting, you can also bookmark the YTmp3 page for easy access. Simply tap the Favorite icon next to the Address box. This will make the Add Bookmark window appear. After you choose which of the three bookmark categories you would like to save it into, and edit the bookmark's name, all that's left to do is to tap the Save or OK button and voila! Your bookmark has been created. Later you can conveniently find it in the bookmark list.




 When you are constantly using an excellent YouTube mp3 converter to download music from YouTube to mp3, even with the convenience of iOS, you might be looking for a way to avoid typing the URL every time, so why not consider bookmarking the page to save time and get more converting done even faster?


 To do this with Safari, simply load the YTmp3 website and direct your gaze to the bottom of the screen. There you will see an icon portraying a square with an arrow pointing to the right. Tapping this icon will open the menu you are looking for. Simply pick the option Add Bookmark at the top of the menu list, and you're all set.


 Safari also has a unique feature that lets you place a bookmark right on your home screen as a shortcut. To do this select Add to Home Screen in the same menu and you will find a conveniently placed icon right on your iOS desktop that will grant you instant access to YTmp3 whenever you might want to use its features to download music from YouTube to mp3.




 This browser has a unique feature when it comes to its bookmarks: they are available to be viewed in a customizable thumbnail gallery. Here you can preview an image of the website you have bookmarked. There are also three different ways of opening the bookmarks you have saved.


 The Start page is the first thing you see when launching Opera. One option displayed there is the Bookmarks folder for instant access to your favorite websites. This way you can use the best YouTube mp3 converter online to convert the files in a flash.


 Another way to access your bookmarked YTmp3 page in Opera is from the main menu that contains the Bookmarks list in one swift click.


You could also use a fast keyboard shortcut to reach the bookmarked in Opera. They are Ctrl + Shift + B for Windows and Alt + ⌘ + B if you're using Mac.


 To conclude, if you already thought this accessible YouTube mp3 converter was fast and easy to use, it just got better. Bookmarking is a great way of reaching the sites you love even faster and getting your results right away. Since we think YTmp3 is the best YouTube mp3 converter online, accessing it fast is a must so that you can get your work done instantly and have more time to savor all the audio tracks you enjoy.