How to Convert YouTube Videos on Android?

About YouTube

 YouTube has been around for quite some time, bringing with it amazing new opportunities for people to enjoy and take advantage of. It changes the way we look at education, entertainment, it provides a means for countless ideas to be put into practice, it gives artists a fair chance of getting noticed, people have the opportunity to share their experiences so that others may learn valuable lessons and so on. There are countless ways in which we can argue that the invention of YouTube was and will probably continue to be a life-changing innovation.


 And with amazing innovations comes great potential in all other fields. Take the music industry for example. The invention of YouTube has made it possible for not only the most popular songs to be widely available to the public, but also for up-coming musicians – who would have no chance in the industry – to get out there for the world to see.


 And what happens when we find that perfect singer who speaks to us much more than mainstream music, an artist that we would like to support by maybe showing others his or her great musical qualities? Many things could limit this artist's work from spreading, the main one being the lack of a commercial album for people to buy. In this particular situation, there is a simple, practical solution: portable audio files. By converting the YouTube videos to mp3 files online, you will have the chance to take them with you on any device of your choosing, so that you can share them with anyone, anywhere.


 In order to make this possible, YTmp3 has designed the best YouTube mp3 converter that will allow you to easily and quickly convert files into audio formats so as to listen to any kind of music of your choice without even needing an internet connection.


 This awesome invention is a chance to take YouTube to the next level and make any sort of music, be it classical, mainstream or the most alternative, unexplored genres, spread out into the world and reach many more people than it would otherwise.


About Android


 It sounds great so far, but what devices can let you accomplish your desire? Any device you prefer. YTmp3 provides instant conversion for any YouTube video of your choosing on any device including those running Android.


 Android is an extremely popular operating system nowadays and when so many devices are running it and taking advantage of all its main features, it would be quite a shame to not use it to its fullest.


 YTmp3 can convert YouTube videos to mp3 files online in mere seconds, and  then you can download them directly onto your Android device. Does that sound too good to be true? Well get ready for the cherry on top: it's also completely free.


The Age-Old Comparison: Android vs. iOS


 Since mobile devices have started taking over the world, people have started debating which operating system is the best to use, based on the features they are able to provide and what they can do. And of course there are tons of pluses and minuses on the list.


 When it comes to mobile operating systems, there is Android and then there's iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad). Because people always like a good debate and analyze every microscopic detail of the setup, it's not hard to see why some opinions would clash, based on varying preferences, but today let's focus on why you chose to use Android.


 Like YouTube, Android has a wide array of possibilities and everything on this excellent OS seems to be done with the help of apps. But what if it were easier than that? What if you could work with a tool that lets you have all the benefits and fast results of an app, without the hassle of installing it? The answer is YTmp3 video to mp3 converter.


Convert YouTube Videos


 By using this fast, convenient tool found on, you are getting all the awesome benefits of converting any YouTube video to mp3 files online for a quick and easy download, after which you will have the freedom to access the files offline anytime you want. Let's take a look at how this YouTube mp3 converter can be used to do just that on your Android device in just a few simple steps.


 First you have to select the video you would like to convert. To do this access and find your favorite music video, tutorial, workout, or anything else you would like to have the option of using this YouTube mp3 converter on.


 The next step is to copy the link of the video. Look at the top, right hand corner of your Android phone's screen and take note of the Share menu. Once you tap it, a list of options will open, with one of them being Copy link. Tap it and you are all set to move on to the next step...


...Which is to paste the link into the YTmp3 conversion box. Access in your browser and the first thing you will see on the main page, will be a text box. Here you simply need to hold your finger on the box for one or two seconds until the Paste option appears and select the option. Voila! The link has appeared in the box.


 This is the most self-explanatory step so far: press the Convert button and watch your video transform into an mp3 right before your very eyes.


 After these simple steps are done, you just need to download the newly converted mp3 onto your phone. By hitting the Download button and selecting the location on your Android phone that you would like the video to go to.


 Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your highly anticipated YouTube video in audio form. Listen to it on the go anywhere you like and enjoy all the fun ways to use your new video converting super power.


 You are now free to use the best YouTube mp3 converter online to get any audio track from YouTube and use it in any style, shape or form you can imagine. As long as you don't forget to make sure you are not breaking any legal or copyright laws, you are free to meditate, work out, relax, listen to audio books, concerts, stand-up comedy and much more without the hassle of an unstable internet connection. As long as your creativity permits, there's really no limitation to what you can do. Have fun!