How to Convert YouTube Videos on Linux?


 There are many operating systems out there, however probably none is more controversial than Linux. Opinions about it are constantly changing and, as any technological invention, it has its ups and downs. But can Linux be used efficiently to download YouTube videos for free?


 Using YTmp3 and having all you favorite YouTube videos in audio form available anytime, even offline, is definitely an exciting guarantee. And as great as it sounds, it gets even better. The process of doing that is the easiest, most affordable action you can think of, and furthermore it will surely keep up with all the technological innovations due to our dedicated team of researchers and programmers.




 Since YouTube was born, it has seen a huge rise in popularity. There are many reasons as to why this is, the main one being the fact that it contains the best basic features of a great online service. Its accessible, dependable and most important of all, its free for everyone to watch and even upload their own custom content.


 Of course the wide availability has given rise to many problems as well. There is no question that the more people have access to the website, the more incompatibilities there will be among them. However, having the freedom to approach whatever subject you want, can't be beat. As a result, you can find the most interesting original songs and audio materials that you could use in as many interesting ways as you can think of. Wouldn't it be fantastic to enjoy all this cool material offline as well? This is why YTmp3 was created and quickly becomes the best YouTube mp3 converter online.




 Since the 90s, Linux has been gaining a lot of users that eagerly reinforce the idea of this operating system being better than other ones out there due to its significantly reduced risk factor when it comes to viruses, crashes, licensing fees and expensive repairs. Aside from all that, it shares the quality that makes YouTube extraordinary as well: it's free.


 The versatility and adaptability of Linux makes it appealing to a huge number of different users. Because it has a multitude of different versions, it offers something for anyone. Among its many distributions, the most popular ones are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora and Arch Linux.


 Due to its array of possibilities, YTmp3 works very well with Linux, so if you want to convert YouTube videos to mp3 online and enjoy them offline, the convenient fast tool is a definite must.


Windows vs. Linux


 When comparing Windows and Linux, even hard-core Windows fans have started discussing whether we should really be asking ourselves which Windows? Ever since Windows 10 came out and people are starting to judge and compare it to its previous versions, many thought Linux wouldn't stand a chance in the crossfire. However, there are those who say that Linux is a much better choice than Windows 10.


 The main characteristic brought up by the avid Linux supporter who also happens to dislike Mac would be the obvious difference in price. More specifically, Linux is completely free whereas Mac is considered to be the most expensive of them all, even though you could find some exceptions to disprove this rule.


 They also like to invoke that Apple is quite restrictive when it comes to customization as Linux has apparently mastered the art of appealing to many different types of people with assorted tastes and opinions.


Convert YouTube Videos on Linux


 Installing a YouTube to audio converter on your device is a thing of the past. Now with access to an internet connection, you have the awesome chance to get all your desired YouTube videos in audio form for listening to right away or later by using YTmp3 converter.


 The steps to get this done are simple and easy in order to maximize the time spent for enjoying your high-quality results.


 The first step is to find one or several awesome YouTube videos that you want to listen to all the time. But don't limit yourself to this basic function. Sure, music is excellent and there's lots of it to choose from, but what about audio books, or talk shows, maybe even bedtime stories and tutorials. You name it, YouTube's got it. And YTmp3 can get it for you so that you don't have to worry about an unstable internet connection or bandwidth again.


 After you have decided exactly what you are planning to download, comes the easiest step of them all: copying the link of the video. Need we say more? Select the address the YouTube video is located at and click copy. That's it! Now let's move on to the next step.


 Open the webpage located at and the first thing you will see will be the box where you should paste the previously copied link. This is the most basic function to complete, as simplicity is the main priority when using a YouTube mp3 converter to get high quality results, and Ytmp3 definitely delivers.


 After you see that the link has appeared in the conversion field, all that's left to do is to actually convert it. Click the Convert button.


Download the MP3


 The last and final step separating you from enjoying your preferred audio files, is to download them onto your device. And, as you might already suspect, it's easy as pie. Actually, it's easier: just click the Download button!


 Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of some unique audio files! Files that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Musical or not, as long as you find these files worth listening to, you can instantly get them by using YTmp3 and the process is the most intuitive operation you can imagine.


 So get out there and figure out what to use your new super power for! I'm sure your creativity and imagination will find amazing new ideas that can only be limited by your own vision.