How to Download Files on iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)?

 When the concept of YouTube hit, it didn't take long for it to shoot to fame. So many started using it simply because it was a fresh new concept and most importantly of all: it was free. Nowadays it has become a must to at least know what it is. If it wasn't that popular before, now, with the rise of YouTube stars, vlogging and all kinds of trends, like tutorials, hauls or just plain music videos, YouTube is one of the most well-known free online platforms, allowing communities to come together, creative thinkers to express their ideas, artists to showcase their works. It also takes education to a whole new level and opens up opportunities for debates and communication on every controversial topic you can think of. All in all, it's an amazing invention of the twenty first century that anyone can use.


 As a consequence of YouTube’s popularity came the need to convert these videos to mp3 online. You might think that this process would defeat YouTube's goal, but if you think about it, video to mp3 converters only serve to complement and bring file sharing to the next level.


iOS vs. Android for converting YouTube videos to mp3


 iOS and Android are the top mobile operating systems in the world at the moment. The difference is that iOS is powered by Apple and Android was designed by Google. Being so well-known and widely available, it's no wonder that they are always subjected to comparisons to establish which one is better. Many people have their favorites and it ultimately comes down to personal preferences which is the best choice for you.


 They both have their strong and weak points, but today let's take a look at some of the qualities that iOS has been endowed with, to make downloading files directly to your device possible. And since YTmp3 is the best YouTube mp3 converter online, you can bet it works with any popular operating system, like iOS. So this could definitely be a great solution for you to download your favorite audio files for free and enjoy them without constrictions at any time.


Variety Keeps it Exciting


 Apple always likes to be on top of new advancements and technological improvements. This is the reason why they are constantly upgrading their systems. Every year a new version comes out and the current most recent version is iOS10.


 We all know how bothersome an unstable internet connection can be. Or situations that don't allow you to use the internet for various reasons, YTmp3 gives you the option to save high quality files to your Apple devices quickly and effortlessly for later.


How to Download Apps


 Apps can be downloaded directly from Apple’s App Store onto any device that runs iOS. As with Android, there is a huge variety out there, some of them free of charge and others that you have to pay for, but there are also other ways of getting things done on your iOS device without the use of an app.


 A good YouTube to audio converter can eliminate the need of using an app to get your favorite songs. Moreover, it lets you get any audio file of your choosing from YouTube with no fuss and minimum effort. A perfect example is YTmp3, one of the best YouTube mp3 converters online, it will get the job done in record time, so that you can be free to enjoy all your favorite tracks without the restraints of an internet connection.


Which Online Browser to Choose for converting YouTube videos to mp3


 If there's a perfect word to describe what the internet and modern technology in general have given us over the years, that word would definitely be variety. With so many choices out there, it's clear to see why some apps, browsers or operating systems are hotter than others. Design and utility should both play important roles in your decision, so let's mention some of the most popular ones. Don't worry, you can use any of them to convert YouTube videos to mp3 online.


 First and foremost, Chrome and Firefox take the cake when it comes to popularity. Regardless if you're using a PC, a Mac, an iPhone or and iPad, you can be sure these browsers will be available, although Chrome is more popular with Android users due to the fact that Android is also a Google creation.


 If you are someone who considers privacy when using a browser, you might want to try Onion browser. In the online environment, complete anonymity is never a guarantee, however this browser gives you the option to hide your I.P. address from the websites you visit and you also have the choice to block cookies and scripts.


 In case you are more concerned about bandwidth, Opera Mini might be a good choice. It might reduce the image quality, but in consequence, the loading time is enhanced. It also has a neat cookie and pop-up blocker which makes it a little more convenient.


 There are many more browsers you could try out if you're looking to be original, and think outside the box, like Dolphin or Ghostery, but Safari is the one that comes with every iOS device, so you might as well give it a shot. Its best feature is that it provides the option of turning any website into a shortcut and conveniently placing it on your iOS desktop. It also lets you synchronize your bookmarks if you're using multiple Mac devices.


 All of the above-mentioned browsers allow you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 online by using a video to mp3 converter. It's all a very simple and intuitive process that anyone can carry out.


Any Device Will Do Great


 Now that you have your browser ready to access any webpage you need, you might want to download some handy files to keep stored on your device and enjoy later. Since just about all music downloaders were removed from the Apple App Store, audio files started becoming quite difficult to download both in a timely fashion, and for free. Thanks to YTmp3 this is not the case anymore. Regardless if you're using an iPhone, iPod or an iPad, YTmp3 is the best online tool that allows you to download YouTube videos to mp3 right on your device and therefore have them with you on the go. Regardless if you're going on a long plane trip, planning to work out more efficiently with lively music, analyzing classical music for a project, or simply love listening to rare songs you can only find on YouTube, this is an excellent way to access and enjoy all the auditory potential that YouTube has to offer.


Convert YouTube videos to mp3 online, make your own playlists, for personal use or make sure you have the permission of the owner for copyrighted YouTube videos and enjoy them anytime, anywhere!