How to Download Music from YouTube Using YTmp3?

The first thing most people think of when they hear about YouTube is music, but it seems a little unfair to limit the huge potential this amazing platform holds only to this one application. Have you ever wondered what you could do on YouTube beyond listening to music? The answers may surprise you.


YouTube – An Amazing Tool for Change


It comes as no surprise to anyone that the popularity of YouTube has been on the rise ever since it got created and introduced to the World Wide Web on the 14th of February 2005. It was so successful many huge companies wanted to partner with it so as to bring new dimensions to the concept and use every possibility this excellent new idea had to offer. It was purchased by Google in 2006 and ever since it has been bringing new and original creators together so as to.


In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views and in March 2013, YouTube's number of unique monthly users reached 1 billion. This was an amazing milestone that must have definitively determined the creators to fully grasp the importance and effects their simple, but creative idea has had and will continue to have on the world we live in.


Not only did it bring excellent changes in fields like education and entertainment, YouTube is also a perfect platform for nonprofit organizations to use for raising awareness on various subjects that greatly impact the world we live in.


It is quite understandable in this case that so many people are looking to download music from YouTube to mp3 faster and easier than ever.


What is YTmp3?


With so many amazing possibilities, there came a need for amazing advancements. People started feeling the need for a way to listen to certain files without needing to stay connected to the internet.


Soon the question became how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 online fast and easy? A YouTube video downloader was the obvious answer and so, YTmp3 was born. But YTmp3 is not just any YouTube video downloader, it strives to maintain a superior level of quality and always stay up-to-date by implementing fresh new features and publishing any information that might benefit its users on the YTmp3 website.


Because sometimes you really want to relax and you don't really want to worry about the connectivity, some brilliant creators looking for a fresh new concept to introduce into the world, thought what if that would be possible?


How to Download Music from YouTube Using YTmp3





What could be simpler than copy pasting, you ask? Nothing. Nothing could be simpler than that. It's the first thing you find out when learning about computers and how to accomplish the most basic of operations. This is precisely the reason why YTmp3 decided to implement this fundamental user-friendly operation as its main procedure. So next time you find yourself wanting to download music from YouTube to mp3, just go over to and simply paste the URL of the video you want in the conversion box. After that all you have to do is hit that Convert button and see how little time it takes for it to get transformed into an audio file that you can download onto your device instantly. A brilliant, fast and easy process, right? Did I mention it's also free?


What Else Can You Download With YTmp3


When you are a passionate music fan or maybe even a musician, you want to always experiment with different melodies and sounds and you know the importance of a good listening experience, without any distractions. This is why having the option of hearing the sounds and eliminating the visuals, could prove to be a great idea for improving your skills.


The simplicity of this effortless operation gives it such a huge spectrum of usage that it can be applied to just about any kind of file length and format. It's easy to use in order to get any kind of audio file you might want to listen to offline, after converting the YouTube video to mp3 online. And there are countless ideas you can employ so as to enjoy a multitude of unique, engaging activities.


Have you ever seen a rare concert moment in a YouTube clip, a historical moment that happened due to the unique atmosphere present at the show, that you thought was the very definition of your favorite singer's eccentric character? Preserving it in audio form and taking it with you on the daily is a sure-fire way of adding a little hint of originality to your favorite playlist. Whenever you get the chance to have a little moment of rest and relaxation, you could simply take out any device of your choice and play your favorite songs without stressing about your internet connectivity. Sounds like a serious improvement to the original YouTube experience to me.


Another way to use converted YouTube video to mp3 files, is if you like working out. Why pay for a personal trainer when you could simply look exercise videos on YouTube and create your own workout program to take with you to the gym or maybe even the park?


There are so many fields and areas of interest to use this YouTube mp3 converter in, for example, you could learn a new language by picking the videos that appeal to you from the huge collection available on YouTube and train your listening skills for any language you can think of.


If you're thinking that it's surprisingly simple to download music from YouTube using YTmp3, you're right! It is incredibly simple, which is just what makes the process of working with this excellent free online tool quite convenient and amazing.


No matter what fun or educational use you get out of your converted audio files, you can be sure YTmp3 will always deliver the best possible quality and interesting additional features to use every time. So don't miss the chance to get the most out of your musical YouTube preferences and use YTmp3 to its fullest. Give it a shot to impress and explore everything it has to offer for free.