How to Save Money by Using YTmp3?

 So you've heard of Ytmp3 and decided to try it out. Why not? After all, it's potentially the best YouTube mp3 converter online. You have probably already used its basic features that make YouTube to mp3 converting a piece of cake, but did you also think about what other excellent benefits you could be getting simply by using this neat little online tool? Let's list only a few of the great ideas that will help you save money while enjoying a great musical experience anytime, anywhere.


 Even though all the following points are some cool suggestions to try, you could probably come up with even more original ways of using Ytmp3 to benefit your everyday life. All you need is a little imagination, creative thinking and an excellent YouTube mp3 converter like YTmp3.


Listen First, Buy Later


 Being an artist is challenging. It's usually a difficult process getting your work out there for the world to see, appreciate and decide it's worth supporting so as to bolster your career. This applies in all fields from acting or playing instruments to singing and dancing. You name it. For example, when you look at a painting, you see the picture and decide if you like it or not before buying it. Why should music be any different?


 When you download and convert a YouTube video to mp3 online, what you're essentially doing is sampling someone's work. Like trying out the car for a while before deciding it's the right choice for you. Download music from YouTube, convert it to mp3, make a playlist and listen to it on your way to work, while waiting for the bus or even on a plane. After a while, you might start to feel like you've fallen in love with the artist or artists you've been listening to and decide to support them financially on your own, without being forced to do so beforehand. If you think about it, this is form of support is much more honest, straightforward and it better highlights the merits of the entertainer.


Promote Your Own Art


 Even if you're not an avid fan, you've probably heard how Justin Bieber became famous, he was discovered on YouTube. This is just one of the perks a free platform can get you if you take advantage of all its hidden potential. You might be asking yourself, why do I need someone to convert YouTube videos to mp3 in order to promote my work? And the answer has to do with a trusted marketing strategy that has worked wonders for ages and is still going strong: word-of-mouth advertising.


 Allowing people to take your music with them on the go, might also make them talk about it with their friends and acquaintances, who will in turn also mention it to theirs. Your renown is sure to be built up and when you'll stand on stage at the VMAs, you will think back to reading this article and perhaps feeling a little grateful for the existence of this YouTube mp3 converter that made everything possible.


 All kidding aside, in case you don't have the money to invest in an active publicity campaign, you should consider what it would mean for your career when people watch and convert YouTube videos to mp3 online and share them with everyone they know.


Save Up On Books


 Nowadays audio books are becoming immensely popular. Everyone is using them because they are just so convenient when you have a lot to do and little time to get it done. But what if you didn't need to spend any amount of money at all to get the literary collection of your dreams? Guess what, Ytmp3 doesn't only give you the option to download music from YouTube. Because you have the option to convert YouTube videos to mp3 online, you could choose from a wide selection of recorded book readings so as to listen to any novel, story or poetry of your choosing, whenever you want, without the need for an internet connection. All this without spending money on the books that will forever stay tucked away in your bookshelf after finishing them.


Skip the Concert but Enjoy the Show


 Are you a music fan? If so, you cannot deny the value of public live performances. They have the potential to make history due to the instant, unpredictable nature of the art form. But let's face it, concert tickets are expensive and if you're on a budget, you will probably end up with some really bad seats that will make you wish you had stayed home.


 Here's where Ytmp3 comes is. Sometimes parts of live performances get posted to YouTube for commercial purposes. If you're lucky, you may even be able to find the entire concert. All you have to do is find it, make sure it's not copyright restricted, convert the YouTube video to mp3 online. Sure, the quality might not be crystal clear, but if you're a true fan, you'll be happy to take your favorite band's unique performance with you wherever you are and get to listen for free without relying on an internet connection.


Study Real Live Music


 This option is for those who love musicals or classical music and are avid fans of simply hearing these great live performances without visual distractions or having to travel all the way to the venue (which might sometimes be another country) and pay for the expensive tickets required to get in. Similar to the previous point on this list, you could simply apply the same strategy to a huge, dramatic live musical show. Try listening to it on any of your devices so that you can focus on analyzing the differences in pitch and tonalities of each singer and character and stay up to date with all the finest performances, but always make sure you are not violating any laws that might come as a result of copyright infringement.


Free Ringtones


 When the craze for customizing every device you own came out, everyone started creating and even composing their own ringtones. From classical music to digital sounds and even funny noises, anything is posted on YouTube in video form. Take it to a new level by downloading the files via this convenient YouTube mp3 converter and transforming them into handy ringtones that you get to use for free with your device. Switch them up, and remember: there are always more where those came from.


No More Apple Music Subscription


 Apple has completely revolutionized the way we see technology with their sleek designs and trend-setting utility. The thing about it is that it can get quite pricey to use. And ultimately the question comes down to: why pay a monthly subscription, when you could simply get songs for free?


 So what can you do to make this happen? You guessed it, just use Ytmp3 YouTube mp3 converter and get all the songs you want to hear completely free of charge. Load them on any of your devices and simply enjoy.


The Sky's the Limit


 Using this cool YouTube mp3 converter to get and convert YouTube videos of your choosing, doesn't have to be limited to the ideas mentioned on this list. Come up with your own original ways of using Ytmp3 and have fun doing it. In the meantime, try out these options and enjoy transforming all your music-related projects into high level experiences.