How to Upload a Video to YouTube?

 Why are there so many people watching YouTube these days? It's a very good question with an array of answers from the most basic to the most creative and interesting. Some of them may have something to do with how easy it is to upload and manage content. Others could refer to the huge collection of videos that are meant to help and/or educate people on countless different subjects. All in all, it's plain to see why YouTube is amazing. It opens up subjects of communication, brings people together and even gives everyone an equal chance to express themselves and post their creations online for anyone to admire, comment on, and thus improve, by raising questions and contributing to the general community's improvement.


 There are many ways to fully experience YouTube and take advantage of all its awesome features. From finding videos related to your personal interests to making videos yourself and putting them online for the world to see. It's actually easy to imagine how someone would come to really love and thrive from this idea, if you've ever watched a really passionate Youtuber talking about an interesting subject or a talented singer at the beginning of their career, trying to work on their original art. But why stop at watching? You could also be one of the up-and-coming talents showcased for everyone to watch online, and thanks to the easy way that anyone can operate and upload content to this friendly platform, it just got easier than ever.


 Let's take a look at the steps you have to follow in order for you to get your video out there for all to see.


Come Up With an Idea


 The first step is easy if you're already passionate about something and this is actually the best way to go about it. When you love to do something, it comes naturally and when it's done that way, it becomes comfortable and fun. You look forward to doing it more often and the activity makes you happy, so make more and post more frequently, giving your future fans a chance to discover you.


 The energy you put out into the world is the difference between practicing alone at home and uploading something to the internet. You might not think there is much of a difference at all, however, once you start doing it, everything changes. You start getting a lot of feedback which will usually help you build up your work, even if sometimes people can't hold themselves back from saying something mean, you can learn from that too. It can give you a chance to analyze the way you react in different situations, even those occasions when the feedback doesn't quite make you comfortable.


 One thing is for sure, these experiences will definitely take you out of your comfort zone and be that as it may, they will help you build a strong character.


Gather Inspiration


 In case you have not yet decided what you would like to make a video about, there are a few more popular subjects already on YouTube, which people seem to be more responsive to. For example, if you enjoy putting on and talking about makeup, you could become a makeup guru. If you can sing, try making some covers, or why not, play your own original tunes. How about cooking? Nutrition. Fashion. Self-help. Working out. Education. Painting. And these are only a very small few of the approachable themes you could take into account. The sky's the limit. Just think about it and see what works for you.


 You might want to put in a little practice in your free time as well. For example, if you're into classical music and would like to further develop your listening skills, why not convert some YouTube videos to mp3 online, download the songs and take them with you throughout your day? Listen to them when you have the time. Even 5 minutes a day can considerably increase your observational skills if you focus on what you hear. This could also put you in the mindset to come up with a brilliant idea of your own, and if not, you can bet your ears will get accustomed to good music and your tastes will get more refined as your observation skill develops.


 But that's not all you could do for content. If you like books and you are thinking of possibly starting a YouTube channel where you comment on and why not, even read books for your viewers, a good strategy for getting inspired could be to look up some of the channels that already exist and use a video to mp3 converter to transform the files into audio ones. After that, you will be free to listen to them at any time, with no connection to the internet and no interruptions. This way, you can think more about what improvements to bring to your own work and how you can make it the best it can be without any kind of distractions.


Film Something


 Once you've got the idea, all you have to do is get the courage to get out there and film it. You can put so many ideas out there, that it would be a shame to limit them. Instead, let your imagination run wild with everything you could achieve, even if you don't yet have the technical means to make it look exactly as your original vision. You have to adapt to what you currently have at your disposal and with some luck, you will gradually get to build your own, personal artistic style in due time.


Keep Quality in Mind


 There are those who are so good at what they do that they don't need to consider what camera they buy or the lighting they use, however, it comes as no surprise that those with higher quality gear get more views on YouTube. It's not a must, but it's definitely worth considering investing as much as possible in creating a high-quality video.


 You can upload videos of the following formats to YouTube: .AVI, .3GPP, .MOV, .MP4, .MPEG or .MPG, .FLV, .M4V, WMV, WEBM. And there are also many available programs or online websites that can help you edit and convert your videos for free.


Upload Your Video to YouTube


 Before you can upload your hard work, you have to create your own channel. This is easier than it sounds. Simply create a YouTube account for free and it will have a channel attached to it. After that, all you have to do is sign into your account and hit the Upload button on top of the homepage, right next to the Search bar. This will open a browser menu for you to select the video that you want to upload. Alternatively, you could drag and drop the file directly into the open window.


 You also have the option of previewing and uploading a video to YouTube directly from your webcam.


 After you click the Open button, you also have to give your video a title, a description and add any tag that you think might help your viewers find your videos more easily.


 There are lots of things to do next, depending on your preferences. You could add annotations to your video, chose the privacy settings, share it on social media, and even monetize it with ads.


Enjoy the Success You Can Get, but Don't Dwell On It


 Who knows, someone may like your work so much that they even use a video to mp3 converter to download it from YouTube and add it to their daily playlist, after which they tell a friend about it and soon, everyone will be talking about how cool this quirky new singer is. It does sound a little idealistic, but even though the chances are not 100%, it could still happen, and this adds to the element of excitement.


 But even if you don't make it big, you will still have a collection of all your amazing work that you believed in enough to upload to YouTube and that's not something to take lightly. If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Marc Anthony said that and it applies beautifully in this context as well.