What is a YouTube Converter?

 Anyone who has ever used the internet can agree that few inventions come close to and offer the same versatility and ease of access as a little website you might have heard of, called YouTube. You don't have to be a consistent YouTube user to agree that it revolutionized the way we express ourselves as a social group, by offering a safe, free platform for anyone to utilize and share their messages, stories, interests or simply to openly communicate with others. It has brought people together and opened doors for countless constructive debates. It has brought a chance for original educational resources, and chances of promotion for various businesses and individuals. In short, YouTube is amazing and everyone has probably used it at some point. But while it offers so many possibilities and keeps it all free, sometimes you need to downsize.


 Nowadays, with so many new and radical technological advancements, users have gotten used to the fact that they can get almost anything they're looking for extremely fast, if not instantly and in most cases, for free. It is for this reason that various services offering free downloadable YouTube materials have started to become more and more popular. But what is a YouTube downloader? Why do so many people use them and which one should you choose for your specific needs?


YouTube Downloader's Many Faces


 A YouTube downloader is a service that has the main feature of converting the format of YouTube videos into other formats like mp3, wmv, avi, and many more, and ultimately making them available for download onto the user's own device, for free. However nowadays, the best and most sough-after applications are the ones that offer the best quality output formats, the widest variety of options and the most interesting side features.


 There are many available formats out there, making this an extremely versatile application for anyone to make use of. Not only that, but its conversion speed and fast downloading pace make it a highly convenient tool for the on-the-go user who never has time to take a break, but can somehow manage to get everything done anyway thanks to fast-functioning applications like this one.


 A YouTube downloader is the most simple-to-use tool that is intuitive and easy to understand for anyone wishing to use it. You don't have to be tech savvy in order to use this excellent invention and fully take advantage of everything it has to offer. Anyone can fully enjoy the audio of any file that has been uploaded to YouTube whether it's a movie soundtrack, a live concert or even sound effects to be used in theater shows.


 This excellent application has so many available options when it comes to conversion formats that it's hard to keep up. However, the star of the show is obviously the mp3 format. Everyone has heard of the mp3 data format by now, an audio coding format for digital audio that uses a form of compression to dramatically reduce files' data size. This is why you can have hundreds of mp3 files which only take up a very little amount of space, enabling you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted audio entertainment.


Is Using a YouTube Downloader Lawful?


 At first glance, it might seem that using this or any other similar service to get your hands on your favorite tunes for free, would invoke some sort of abstract copyright laws that no one is familiar with unless they work in the legal field. However, if this is the case, then why is the downloader so widely available for anyone to use? Some would argue that the sheer existence and wide-spread availability of this application online and off, is reason enough for it to be utilized without concern. This has determined a long debate on the subject and people have started taking sides and stating their various opinions on the matter, which can ultimately be solved by verifying your country’s law to make sure what your stance in the matter should be.


 Usually, things that are illegal are not widely available for public use, but if you tend to have concerns about this subject and would like to be aware of what the official documents state about the topic, you can always look up the laws of your respective country, and find out if using a YouTube downloader is in fact lawful in your location or not.


How to Use a YouTube Downloader


 The fact that it is an online based function, makes this program elementary to use. No more complicated instructions and rules that you have to read, like in the olden days. Everything is intuitive and you will know what to do as soon as you see the page. Simply copy the link of the video that you would like to convert, paste it in the case located on the page and hit the Convert Video button. After that, a message will appear, notifying you of your successful conversion, accompanied by a download link. Click that and you're good to go. Easy and to the point.


Who Can Use a YouTube Downloader?


 The wide array of applications that can become available by using this awesome application is amazing and truly impressive. Specific sounds have been scientifically proven to influence moods and emotions, not to mention the fact that virtually everyone listens to music nowadays on countless devices, in any location imaginable.


 Speaking of music, some people love listening to old songs that are no longer available to purchase or have never been recorded in a studio, so a YouTube downloader could offer them the perfect solution, allowing them to add any song to their playlist, provided they can find it on YouTube, and if you've ever visited this website, you know that you can find anything there.


 The best thing about YouTube is that it's free, not only if you want to watch videos, but also if you intend to post them. This gives a huge number of people the freedom of expression to create and share any kind of artwork with the world and a YouTube downloader provides just another way for their passion to be enjoyed by the public.




 So there you have it. One of the most popular modern-day internet innovations. It can give you access to different formats of your favorite songs, even the rare ones you can't buy anymore, at the click of a link. A convenient, modern tool that is sure to see even more great improvements as time goes on. And since technology is so interesting and multifaceted, it truly raises the question: “what will they think of next?”.