YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country? This is How to get it


 We all know that the best things in life are free. This is also true when speaking about the internet and everything you can find there. It's a vast world of possibilities and with the right information, anyone can find virtually anything for free online. Even if some services are free, there is always room for improvement. For example, a YouTube to mp3 converter can bring many more advantages to the classic YouTube experience.


How YouTube Changed the World


 Ever since its invention, YouTube has been inspiring people to do amazing things online. Whether its singing, playing instruments or video games, vlogging, self-help and basically anything you can think of. Based on people wanting to share their experiences with one another, YouTube has become a celebrated worldwide name that everyone has heard of and used at least once.


 It should come as no surprise, given the popularity of this excellent online platform, that people will come up with various ways of taking the experience further. The array of possibilities is endless and that's an understatement. Using a YouTube mp3 converter to get the files in audio form to enjoy at a later time, is only one of them.


Advantages of Downloading Music from YouTube


 Downloading your favorite videos and converting them into mp3 form has become a phenomenon as popular as watching YouTube videos. It can give people the chance to accomplish amazing things. There are countless advantages to using a YouTube to mp3 converter, like not being dependent on an internet connection and being able to get rare moments from concerts or live events onto your device to listen to again and again. You also have the option of downloading audio books, which are all the rage lately and enjoying them to their fullest, on the go. Work out at the gym to the music that gives you the best motivation and energy. All this without even having to stay connected to the internet.


 The most obvious advantage of using a YouTube mp3 converter is saving money. Buying music can get expensive, especially if you like staying up-to-date with all the latest of the music industry. Now you can simply download music from YouTube to mp3 in mere seconds, and have access to it anytime, anywhere.


How to Download Music from YouTube to mp3


 If you have never used a YouTube mp3 converter before, all you really need to know about it is that the process is extremely simple and intuitive. Anyone can convert YouTube videos to mp3 online and download them with no hassle, in just a few seconds. So if you were thinking it might be too technical a processes for you, think again.


 It's as simple as copy-pasting. Actually, it is copy-pasting. You simply copy the link from the video you want to convert into the conversion box, hit the convert button and presto! Your mp3 is ready to download. How easy is that?


Complications Can Come Up


 Nevertheless, problems can still happen sometimes, even with the best and most stable of tools, simply because they are not self-sufficient and they have to interact with many other elements – like the internet for example – in order to be functional. So what happens when they come up? Luckily, humans are the most adaptable race on the planet. Whenever there's a problem, the solution is sure to follow. This is the reason why, so many complications have been the catalysts for the most amazing inventions of humankind.


Where There's a Will There's a Way


YTmp3 is an excellent tool that anyone can use online for free. This YouTube mp3 converter is a result of some great research to find ways of improving the YouTube to audio converting experience and taking it one step further, but sometimes there are unavoidable pitfalls that can come up when you least expect them.


How To Fix It


 Sometimes, you might come across videos that have been restricted by the person who uploaded them. This is when the dreaded message appears: this video is not available in your country. So what do you do then?


 The best and most popular method of accessing a YouTube video that displays this message, is by changing the Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN. If you get a YouTube video with the message this video is not available in your country, all you have to do is access the settings and change the VPN according to the required video location. This basically changes your location and works for most users. However this method should never be used for unlawful purposes and you should always keep in mind the ramifications of your actions before attempting to make modifications to your VPN


 Downloading a restricted video so as to convert it into an mp3 file by using a YouTube mp3 converter is also one of the ways to get passed this restriction. Since YTmp3 is one of the most versatile, quick and easy mp3 converters out there, you can simply replace with in the URL. This will instantly transfer the video from YouTube's page to the conversion page on YTmp3. From there, all you have to do is download the file and listen to it anytime, anywhere, without even needing an internet connection.


 If you are experiencing this issue on an Android mobile phone, you have some free apps available in the Play Store that can help with the problem. For example, Droid VPN or Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy. This kind of app can allow you to secure everything from your IP address and identity to your location from trackers so that you can enjoy your privacy in a safe environment.


 Alternatively, you could also use something like the Proxmate extension for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to view any video that has been restricted for your country. This way your IP is hidden and your location cannot be determined, so you will be free to watch any YouTube video of your choice, even if it has been limited for certain countries.


 Speaking of extensions, there is another popular one you might have heard of called Hola Extension. This extension can be used for both Chrome and Firefox and, after activating it, you will be able to use it to change your IP location. This way you will get passed the restriction and get access to all the videos you want to see.


In Conclusion


 So there you have it. Some of the ways to fix the issue standing between you and getting the most out of what YouTube has to offer. These have been the best and most used ways to avoid the dreaded problem of certain videos being restricted in your country and even downloading the videos you want after converting them into mp3 files for easy access. More methods are sure to pop up eventually, so stay tuned for more, soon and don't forget to keep everything in check with your country's law system when attempting to lift video restrictions!